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Son of Rage and Love
WoW Players who WANT to roleplay (hardcore!!!!) Go to "Earthen Ring" server, play alliance, and lvl up!!! (but don't go past roughly 15, the goal here is to lvl together =D). I'm a gnome mage, as is Brian Reinhart, and our characters are.....interesting, I'll elaborate if anyone wants me to (since most people don't play WoW, I'm not going to go into details here). We're both lvl 12 and in Westfall so if anyone decides to join us feel free! We'd be glad to have other people. Oh yeah, Russell Booker's a lvl 8 dwarf rogue Anyways, thats for the WoW players

As for the rest, SCHOOOL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't posted on here in forever but decided that this was a necessary thing to say.....again, SCHOOL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teachers rule classes suck.....bleh

Oh, all dances are cancelled for the rest of the year until Salter can figure out a way of stopping people from grinding. The way I see it, just stop playing rap and people will stop grinding, because rock music is hard to "grind dance" to. Oh well....dance was fun! football game sucked! okay I'm done ttyl! (psst SCHOOL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
2nd-Aug-2006 05:00 pm - /cry
I haven't hung out with ANY of you all summer....WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i haven't had sushi in awhile......WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i miss u all.....WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and theres nothing organized...WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, wen paul gets bak so he can provide transportation, we're going to Mosun, eating sushi, and hanging out at places....with "paul's parents" driving us inbetween (wut my parents don't know cant hurt em eh?) Seriously, we NEED to do something, i mean hell, IM ALWAYS online, ALWAYS....not to mention my phone is on most of the time as well, so SOMEBODY PLAN SOMETHING AND LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and then i can hope and pray i can go)
28th-Jul-2006 11:10 pm - W00t learned new songs
W00T!!!!!! I've learned "Kill Caustic", "The Missing Frame", and "Endlessly, She Said" in the past few days!!! I would know "Days of the Phoenix" too but I can't find the song so I don't know the right rhythm for parts of it. THIS IS SWEET!!!! So off of DECEMBERUNDERGROUND, I now know Kill Caustic, Miss Murder, The Missing Frame, and Endlessly, She Said. I think I'ma prolly learn Summer Shudder or Love Like Winter next.

As for writing, I can't really think of any new tunes right now. Kinda like a musician's writers block. Same thing with lyrics, my most recent lyric was one that I liked with the tune, but without didn't really care for, which was disappointing to me since I like my lyrics to be good poetry as well.....*sigh* o well...

At least I'm not HALTING stuff with my songs. I'm adding parts/rearranging stuff for my current 15 songs that I really enjoy. I'm getting some peeps to help me figure the parts out by playing a part I write while I play, so it makes it easier for me to judge what it sounds like, including a violin part to 3 songs. Hopefully it turns out well!!!! <3 u guys and WE NEEDA FUCKING HANG OUT!!!!!!!!!! *continues being the lesser of lj whores, but an lj whore nonetheless*
27th-Jul-2006 02:20 pm - z0mg new lyrics for song
NEW LYRICSCollapse )
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16th-Jun-2006 01:10 am - updating
i havent been on in awhile.....wow. newayz, w/e.

AFI DECEMBERUNDERGROUND = de bomb! Yes im still obsessed with it :p.
In response to samy: I'm well aware that AFI is not the best band out there :p, however I do not believe that AFI has better songs than the best ones on decemberunderground (however they have better songs than a few of the ones on the album).
In response to steph: You claim that bands "sell out" when they simplify their music.....I don't know which bands u consider sell outs, but I've heard u specifically say Green Day and AFI, so
Green Day: Added a lead guitar part, a shitload of additional instruments, including a keyboard/piano. They have the same "style" as before, just they have "grown up" and matured a lot during the 4 years between "Warning!" and "American Idiot" or over the 10 years between "Dookie" and "American Idiot". Therefore they aren't selling out, they're becoming better musicians and are "filling up" their music, so to speak. When you look at a painting, you have your foreground and background. Your attention is on the foreground, however the background is always FULL of something (in the really good paintings). Movies work the same way, the background is always "full". Music should be the same way. American Idiot is always "full", as in there's nothing MORE u could add to the music.

AFI: DECEMBERUNDERGROUND does this same thing. Not only does AFI NEED to shift in a more mainstream manner due to Davey's throat surgery (i can guarantee u if he tears his vocal chords again he will NOT sing with the same pretty voice he has now, if he can ever sing again at all). In addition, their music is a hell of alot "fuller" so to speak, between added effects, much more backup harmonies and vocals than what they've used before, the orchestration in the background, and the way Jade uses the guitar and double tracking w/ it in some songs to "fill up" the song so to speak. So once again, they're becoming "mainstream" not because theyre selling out, but because they're becoming better musicians and "mainstream" isn't sounding like everyone else, it's becoming what the majority likes. And if you really want proof that they didn't sell out, listen to the songs "Kill Caustic" and "Affliction", which refer to their hardcore punk roots (well, first half of affliction).

Okay I'm done with my rant about music....TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well....technically yesterday now cuz its 1AM.....w/e

Oh, I wrote lyrics to this one acoustic piece I wrote that I like a lot, it sounds dark, and reminds me of lonely travel and sunset....hence the title: From Dusk Till Dawn, hope you like the lyrics!

Walk lonely paths at night,
Hear my lonely cries?

And can you hear the whispers in the air?
They’re calling to you in this dark affair,
And they’re crying, calling,
To you, waiting for you,
To decide what you will do

Here I go by,
Staring at the sky

And I sit waiting,
For you to come or to leave,
Here I sit and lie,
Waiting here just to die,
While you decide what to do

I came from the light,
To darkness through the night,
Falling to this blight

-From Dusk Till Dawn

Honest opinion plz, I alrdy kno im gonna get a response "EMO" but w/e....I'm referring to critiquing not categorizing (although u can do both if u really wish). I kno my poetry sux ass, but at least its not Sean Paul :p
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